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Recent Projects

  1. An investigation of multiple component failures revealed the cause to be linked to resonant conditions in an underground power distribution system
  2. Investigation of a natural system resonance on a 25kV underground distribution system serving a series of commercial buildings
  3. Solved a power quality problem associated with a transformer resonance in a steel mill that has resulted in trouble free running since June 2005
  4. Advised on the structure of an 8000hp high power drive system for rotor testing and solved associated power system and control integration issues
  5. Solved a power quality coordination problem experienced by an electric utility that involved an analytical study of the power system and the load
  6. Solved a power quality problem associated with a 5MVA rectifier in a copper refinery that included an analysis of the interaction between the load and the power system
  7. Performed energy and power quality audits and provided recommendations
  8. Advised on transmission voltage fluctuations and provided solutions
  9. Investigated expensive voltage sag occurrences and provided an inexpensive solution
  10. Developed power quality specifications and cost effective solutions
  11. Consulted and advised on an overheating motor; a detailed analysis uncovered reasons for the problem and implementation of the recommendations has permitted the motor to continue running successfully
  12. Consulted on the application of AC Drives on a natural gas pipeline
  13. Devised and implemented a field trial for advanced electro technology
  14. Consulted on a 200hp DC Drive for which torque measurement was introduced and a successful electro mechanical solution was provided
  15. Consulted on an advanced Adjustable Speed Drive concept
  16. Consulted on concepts for the future for Flexible Alternating Current Technologies (FACTS)
  17. Consulted on the application of Adjustable Speed Drives to multistory building ventilation systems
  18. Presented technical concepts for system compatibility for electrically driven pipeline compressors to the EPRI Gas/Electric Consortium
  19. Solved environmental, installation, construction, and OEM design problems associated with an industrial gas separator
  20. Provided engineering support for a new and advanced electro technology that included analysis, task definition and results' monitoring
  21. Advised and provided solutions for erratic weld problems in a plastics extrusion plant
  22. Advised and provided solutions for flame safety problems in a paper mill
  23. Advised and provided solutions for bus failure problems in a textile mill
  24. Advised and provided solutions for voltage sag problems in a weaving mill
  25. Advised and provided solutions for sticking solenoid problems in a box plant
  26. Advised and provided solutions for harmonic current problems in several individual machine shops
  27. Devised and researched a project focused on the chemical and petrochemical industries to identify the benefits of advanced control and power technologies. This is ongoing and relevant to a variety of industries and industrial applications
  28. Advised on adjustable speed drive and associated supervisory equipment sensitivity to power quality events
  29. Evaluated opportunities for energy savings in variable air volume systems
  30. Advised on the coordination between a utility supply and a manufacturer's grounding system
  31. Advised on the technical configuration for a new adjustable speed drive
  32. Revised and corrected technical documents for publication
  33. Contracted continuing education lecturer for NCSU 2000-Present
  34. Developed customized continuing education training courses for a number of clients
  35. Technical papers presented annually at IEEE PCIC 2000-2004
  36. Technical paper presented to EPE 2001
  37. Technical paper accepted for presentation EPE 2002
  38. Technical papers published in IAS Magazine 2003, 2004, and 2005
  39. Conference chair for technical session with associated responsibility for obtaining speakers and overseeing and coordinating presentations